The Difference

Founder Vision Story

Having worked with a large number of growth companies and ventures have we seen a need and opportunity to come up with a better model for supporting and growing ventures.

Too many companies are forced to spread their focus thinly, in order to master many disciplines and succeed. Successful entrepreneurs want to specialize in what they do the best; develop concept and product, sell and focus on a few main activities.

This require a new model to be part of growth trajectories. AVS is founded on a new way of servicing companies with teams, tools and businesses support that goes over time. We go deep and broad.

Not all, but several venture builders, venture studios, accelerator programs have some of these commonalities:

– They work with companies for a limited period of time (3-6 months)
– They do not work actively with the companies in operational times
– They do not have board positions
– They have small, minority shareholdings
– They spread the risk on many companies
– They are dependent upon external funding
– They have a fixed period of ownership, and an exit plan after 5-7 years
– They accept that several companies will not succeed, but some may succeed big

In as much as we are very supportive of successful ways of scaling, for ourselves we have chosen another path. Acini Venture Studio is not dependent upon external financing to run programs. We do not have managers who need to be compensated through exits after some years.

The top managers of AWS are the owners, and we have our own capital basis. Generally speaking, in the start-up world; we believe there is an overfocus on finance, and inattention to methods, teams, system and perseverance.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan

With this in mind, the programs are designed to be best for the companies to succeed:

– We work closely with the companies as long as we are owners.
– We may hold bord positions.
– We have majority shareholdings.
-We focus deeply on a limited number of companies
– We are not dependent upon external funding
– We do not have a fixed period of ownership. But, if the founders and we think that someone else can be better owners than AVS, we are open to sell.
– We try and avoid failure, and have a deliberate program to pivot companies again and again.

Through a different model we aim to complement other parties with an edge that attract venture companies and collaborations. In some cases we may also choose different strategies that will work better in individual cases or for a selection of companies and opportunities. Our primary path is however long term, deep operational involvement and in focusing on less capital-intensive cases.


The future

Although we are operating independently, we still have limited capacity on the number of ventures we can start and support. Going forward, we intend to expand our activities through partnerships, and value-aligned investors.

Our Impact & Sustainability Focuses

UN SDG 4, Quality Education
UN SDG 5, Gender Equality
UN SDG 8, Decent Work and Economic Growth
UN SDG 10, Reduced Inequalities
UN SDG 16, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
UN SDG 17, Partnerships for the Goals.

About Founders

Carsten and Jone have collaborated in several companies, and also co-founded MASTER WiZR together. AVS is an extension of the collaboration, combining excellence in operative experience, design, communication, sales and finance. Jone and Carsten lives 9000 km apart, communicate hourly, and have co-founded several companies remotely. A perfect set-up for virtual collaborations.


Succeeding with a venture is like a video game with endless number of challenges, surprising…

The world is open, and every entrepreneur has access to internet, facts and customers…

Applying a “paranoid optimist” approach to building ventures is a key mindset we hold dearly…