Excellence in Team Work

Every successful company spend much time to recruit, train, manage, support, report and build high-functioning teams. We have built teams to make progress substantially faster, better, easier and more resilient for our companies. Quick startup, coordinated efforts and customized follow-up.

To support scaling, our structure can build new teams for new companies.

Business Development

Digital marketing
Gathering information in Show Rooms allows for smart organizing and sharing, it is like small and much more visual data centers. Show rooms are especially effective in sales and investor dialogue. More than simple company presentations, show rooms create an experience for the viewer, who is walked through important company information in an aesthetic and organized manner.
Executive Management Team
Responsible for partner agreements, strategic decision and collaboration. Every new venture will have to be approved by our Executive Management Team.
Executive Support Team
Supporting management in follow up of activities, meetings and processes. Troubleshooting processes, meeting summaries and documentation of processes. Review and implementation of improving operational practice.
Graphical Team
Work with presentations, branding manuals, design for social media and corporate identity. Presentations span investor, sales, hiring and internal communications.
HR Team
Planning recruiting needs. Recruiting channels, interviews, follow-up and developing various ways of following up potential resources. Digitizing HR processes and involving organization in joint reviews of candidates. On- and offboarding.
Legal Team
Setting up new companies, creating corporate agreements, due diligence of collaborations.
Onboarding and Academy Team
Documenting best practice. Ensure consistent training and cultural development. 1:1 follow-up. Creating and implementation of workshops, academy programs.
Process Management Teams
Manager and coordination team focus on defining routines, follow-up routines. Assessing recruiting and academy training. Operational reporting, meetings and driving processes.
Research Team
Competitor review, market search and technology analysis. Research is actively involved with design, technical documentation, sales and management to coordinate findings. Focus is on making research useful.
Sales and commercial team
Assist in creating sales material, sales planning, pricing, CRM and sales practices. Reporting of results and experimentation of sales tactics. Development of sales arguments, pitch training and planning for important sales opportunities.
“Not finance, not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and rare.”
— Patrick Lencioni – Author and specialist in Team Management

Tech Development

Navigation means overview, meta content, distillation and deep understanding
Architect Team
The needs for digital architects might depend upon the level of ambitions; yet we have seen it over and over again: All new tech solutions have an advantage of a dialogue with an architect.
Development Team
Within some companies, it makes most sense to have the key developers within the company. Yet, to have the ability to draw on larger resources in periods, is a huge accelerator for progress.
QA Team
Review of product and processes. Testing against acceptance criteria. Jira documentation. Developing testing routines, check lists, reporting formats. Training QA staff and adjusting practices.
Technical documentation
Description of products and services for internal development. Preparing and documenting product pilot work. Collaboration with research, design and sales. GDPR, risk assessments and reporting of deviating practices.
“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”
— Michael Jordan –