Co-Piloting Innovation

From scratch we can build teams that can grow internationally.

We will be part of the journey from concept, beginning sales, growth and maturing your venture. Focus on investor plans and pitch training if investors are important. Sales, social media and video when you enter the commercial stage.
Operational plans, recruiting, legal and mentoring in later stages. 

We offer the full range of business innovation services.

Concept Development

Describing key elements of the idea. Vision, target groups, uniqueness, how to protect it and how to visualize it.

Pitch Development

The key ingredients in communicating towards investors, clients and partners. Concept with more operational details.

Business Plan

Traditional or Power Point based. Communicate scenarios, operational plan, team, product, technology in +30 pages.

Operational Plans

Teams to engage, their individual plans and goals. Reporting, follow-up and sharing of key material. Meeting system.

Sales Material

Product and service information. Process and agreement documentation. Pricing and sales cycle material support.


Identifying needs, mandates and roles. Types of engagement, when and where to recruit. Onboarding and follow-up.

Web & Video

Website that can be scaled over time. Part of branding identity. Video development for promo and tutorial purposes.

Social Media & PR

Social media goals, plans, reporting and material. Post and video design. Campaigns and cross-publication of materials.

Virtual Presence & 3D

How you present yourself online, in virtual meetings and ways to expand your digital footprint. 3D virtual backgrounds and more.

Inventor Salary

Basic compensation to cover essentials so you can focus on building your businesses and focus on it 100% of your time.

Accounting Support

Reporting routines, formats and assistance with reporting. Monthly and annual routines to save time and have overview.

Executive Services

Executive assistance in writing meeting summaries, working with documentation, arranging meetings and optimizing operations.

Legal Documentation

Client, Investor, partner and other contracts. GDPR and policy documents and employee policy and operational documents.


Discuss management styles, dilemmas and decisions. How to manage virtually and solve problems and conflicts.

Software Dev.

Tailor custom uses of provided software or provide technical software teams to web and digital product development.

Engagement Levels

We will customize the package in short and long term engagement programs.
All covered by Acini Venture Studio for those that passes the admission processes
1. Study Material
If we are going to form a company together, we need to get to know each other. This is done through two main programs: Entrepreneurship and Acceleration. 
2. Attractive Eco System
We have a wast expertise in special fields, both through internal consultants, and from affiliated companies.
3. Download Program Info
Please share mail, country, name and age for allowing download. Gender is optional but we have a priority for female founders. 

Cross Continent Focus

We look for global impacts, but start locally. With staff presented in
USA, Europe, Africa and Asia we believe in globalism as a super power.
Right now we have a special focus on Europe-Africa.
Europe Dimension
With over 45 people staff in Europe we focus on a market that is ever increasing in inter-country dependence. Turbulent times and new power shifts make the inner market of European market even more important.
Europe driving forces with respect to collaborations

• Lack of shared business practices in different countries
• Europe strategic interest in investing resources in Africa
• The mobility of work force and English literacy
• Collaborative culture between nations
• Strong institutions as role models
• Consensus rather than conflict to solve disagreements

Trends and digitalization

• New company formations starting as international from the beginning
• Countries having more collaboration, through more virtual work
• Strong focus of digitalization and ethical standards for software companies
• World Gold Standard in consumer privacy (GDPR)
• Ageing population means experienced talents

Africa Dimension
We have a staff of 25+ people in Africa and are one of the primary owners in Pangea Accelerator (Kenya) with ambition to be one of strongest East African accelerator and impact provider. Optimizing the collaboration, networks and connections with Europa and Africa is a key priority.
Africa is interesting from many emerging trends and opportunities:

• Growing IT literacy also on the coding and tech management
• Young population with increased education and international orientation
• Professionalizing in venture related growth initiatives and support services
• Cost of operating businesses, especially virtually allows great mobility
• Same time zone Africa and Europe
• Emerging markets across Africa

New and growing demands:

• A strong consumer market increase
• A geopolitical need to make Europe and Africa closer
• Huge demand for new solutions (if made affordable)
• Lack of opportunities for young talent
• Need for better transparency

What matters to you? How far have you gotten?
Share with us about:

– Concept developed
– Presentation material
– Business prospect drafts
– Product information
– Technology descriptions

– Visualization
– Research
– Action plans
– A team to start with
– Other inputs

Getting started Program: We will provide check lists and material to apply to reflect your current status on preparedness, business needs and growth ambitions.

Empowering Passions

Google (Alphabeth) has a policy of allowing employees to spend
20% of their time creating new concepts for Google. 

We have a policy where talents can get 20% of their own company.