Strategic Growth – what we focus on

Applying a “paranoid optimist” approach to building ventures is a key mindset we hold dearly. In another article we focus on addressing lacking factors that many ventures can identify with, here we focus on the optimistic upside of company building.

Some of these dimensions are not new, but the intensity and creativity in how we apply the key focuses makes a difference.

New forms of digitization

Most industries have experienced some degrees of digitization. AVS wants to excel in how we adopt to digital opportunities and distributed work. Where we differ from others is the extensive focus on use of videos in all type of communications. Putting information in system for better self-guiding of reviewing content. Organizing content in Show Rooms, Microsites and Portals. The way how communications have been organized, made available and used in processes can be vastly improved. It is all about brain-to-brain interface, particularly remotely. Lack of a common work place can be regarded as a disadvantage; we regard it as a superpower. Our aim is to be a thought-leader and pioneer in new digitization concepts and implementation.  


Bigger companies are global and many organizations go across countries and continents. We strongly believe that globalization can start from the very beginning of venture formation, not just when there is significant scale involved. Smart combination a global workforce can in best cases give advantages with 24/7 work, reduce risks, reflect market trends and create better diversity in skills and outlooks. With over 100 staff in 4 continents this is just not an inspiring vision, but a clear direction applied since 2020.

Competence driven

Excellence in concepts, design and execution may outperform more ordinary ideas backed with substantial capital. Never have opportunities been more evenly distributed. Capital is not such a limiting factor as before in starting and scaling ventures. We look for and cultivate concepts that have significant elements of edge and uniqueness; and we know how to materialize these. Thus, AVS is primarily looking for venture ideas and opportunities where the outlook, insight and direction are more important than capital intensive backing.

System and tools focus

Most innovation is done within single companies; we utilize a common design and system approach to innovation. How can several companies use the same approach, the same tools, the same expertise and systems that have proven to work? Linking shared needs in-between companies. We can better serve several companies with accumulated knowledge and superior tools rather than ad-hoc and on demand follow-up.

Knowledge transfer

Part of shared systems, tools and methodology replicates best practice. We focus on Academy beyond 3 months. We have over 50 courses available to foster and train digital skills and we look at the commonalities of companies to pull resources together. We put knowledge, tools and strategies in system and are constantly looking to apply and improve this. This development is done with our companies and with partner organizations.

We believe in practicing “humbleness and boldness”. We are humble to what we can learn from each company, from individuals and partner organizations. Yet we are bold in how we want to advance practices to cultivate best practices and apply for excellence. Realizing we are “imperfect perfectionists” capture the humbleness while also seeking to advance. A founding principle is to ensure that individuals and ventures we work with share our convictions and visions in pursuit of achieving strong impacts.


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