UN SDG 17, Partnerships for the Goals, is our driving factor for impact. An alliance of likeminded Accelerators, Venture Studios and Venture Capital support a common mission to solve challenges. Complementary groups to strengthen a mutual offering to would-be-entrepreneurs, founders and start-ups.

Partners & Eco System
This is how we may support each other.

Deal flow collaboration
Only a small fraction of applying companies get accepted and through a collaboration we may enhance this rate. What may not be a perfect fit for one of our partners, might suit well to us, and vice versa. Exploring opportunities of value creation will translate into goals and a set of defined activities.
Dedicated Programs
We may not cover all the needs for entrepreneurs, not even together with our partners. Yet, we can contribute with methods, and solutions. Particularly for corporates, development banks, impact funds, and impact investors. Feel free to reach out.
Investor programs
We are exploring financial co-funding options to strengthen the capacity with value aligned financial partners. Financing may be for a dedicated portfolio or targeted to specific investment goals, region and industry profile. AVS prefers a long-term, impact focused and sustainable operative focus on the collaborations and agreements. Special interest is in the Europe-Africa venture development, SaaS Software track and High-growth portfolio program.
Knowledge exchange
Venture and entrepreneurship have a range of opportunities, challenges and needs. Quartley we may have workshops, case studies, processes and tools of mutual interest. Beyond workshops it may also be through sharing reports, client cases or collaborating on best practices.
Market expansion
We may collaborate on a new country, new segment or new opportunity. It can be driven by financial opportunity, first mover advantage or expand on of the party’s knowledge and reach. Market development activities are naturally linked to shared promotion and knowledge exchange.
Service exchange
AVS is a full-service provider of entrepreneurial services needed over time. Through collaborating partners we can define a bundled package of services. This can be related to corporate presentations, social and digital marketing, video productions or i.e. use of software optimized for ventures and virtual collaborations.
Shared promotion and info development
Community building is an ongoing task. Shared publicity may involve the co-creation of video and graphical material, and common campaigns. AVS has dedicated channels and a specialized digital marketing team with growth experience. Sharing may also come through Show Rooms and Portals for deeper collaboration.
“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”
— Henry Ford – 
 “Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.”

Amy Poehler – 

Our Current Eco-System

Acini Venture Studio is designed to maximize the creation, growth and success of new companies.
We do not give high valuation, much money or remote dreams. What we do is to minimize the risk of failure and maximize the capacity for growth. That simple and that hard.

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Established in 1964. Decades of hands-on investor experience, particularly focused on future-proof and impact companies. 
A key requisite for investments is combination of positive impact (following the UN SGD´s), human rights, and above market returns.

Since 2013 working with first senior consulting services toward investor, sales, partner and employee communications.
In later years changing to be an company owner of growth companies.


With over 90 people staff the company is specialized as a software enterprise solution provider.
Focus is on presentation, meeting, video software. Staff and solutions are made available to AVS.

Through partnerships and ownerships, we are engaging with companies that acknowledge that innovative corporate
Learnio Academy specializing in courses in digital skills, graphics and freelancing is an ideal company for Acini Venture Studio in selecting talents and training staff to excel.
Through partnerships and ownerships, we are engaging with companies that acknowledge that innovative corporate

Pangea Accelerator has selected and backed several hundred startups.
Their business scaling methodology, mentors and networks benefit AVS companies

Through partnerships and ownerships, we are engaging with companies that acknowledge that innovative corporate

Master Team Cultivated to Empower Ventures

• Unprecedented access to human talent
• Predictable financial situation
• Customized plug and play solutions

• No time waste on: funding and recruitment
• Focus on building the business – FAST

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