Europe Dimension
With over 45 people staff in Europe we focus on a market that is ever increasing in inter-country dependence. Turbulent times and new power shifts make the inner market of European market even more important.
Europe driving forces with respect to collaborations

• Still lack of harmonization of how businesses operate in different countries
• Europe strategic interest in investing resources in Africa
• The mobility of work force and English literacy
• Collaborative culture between nations
• Strong institutions as role models
• Consensus rather than conflict to solve disagreements

Trends and digitalization

• New company formations starting as international from the beginning
• Countries having more collaboration, through more virtual work
• Strong focus of digitalization and ethical standards for software companies
• World Gold Standard in consumer privacy (GDPR)
• Ageing population means experienced talents

Africa Dimension

We have a staff of 25+ people in Africa and are one of the primary owners in Pangea Accelerator (Kenya) with ambition to be one of strongest East African accelerator and impact provider. Optimizing the collaboration, networks and connections with Europa and Africa is a key priority.

Africa is interesting from many emerging trends and opportunities:

• Growing IT literacy also on the coding and tech management
• Young population with increased education and international orientation
• Professionalizing in venture related growth initiatives and support services
• Cost of operating businesses, especially virtually allows great mobility
• Same time zone Africa and Europe
• Emerging markets across Africa

New and growing demands:

• A strong consumer market increase
• A geopolitical need to make Europe and Africa closer
• Huge demand for new solutions (if made affordable)
• Lack of opportunities for young talent
• Need for better transparency