The Acini Model vs
Traditional Venture Studios

As a founder, you avoid endless founding rounds. We let you focus on business, and value creation.

We supply a dedicated team from 100+ selected members. Perhaps you need 10% of an accountant, 160% of Social Media experts, and in a period of 2 months you need 8 developers. We got your back, and shift human resources in and out according to the  need of the company.

You need talent and competence, we deliver. Reduce endless hours on finding the right talent.

We create a high level of financial predictability for the whole team. You should be building a company, we support you with the rest.

Key Ingredients:

• Selection of Talent
• Collaboration
• Establishing company
• Workshops
• Partnership Agreement
• Hands-on operation
• Building team
• Expanding capacity
• Continued Support

The traditional steps
Building a Company
Capital to grow businesses
What it takes

• Concept Development
• Pitch Development
• Business Plan
• Operational Plans
• Sales Material
• Recruiting
• Web & Video
• Social Media & PR
• Virtual Presence & 3D
• Inventor Salary
• Accounting Support
• Executive Services
• Legal Documentation
• Management Mentoring
• Software Development

Provided by 10-20 different
service providers

10x Repeated Cycle:
• Recruiting & sign-up
• On & off-boarding
• Collaborating style
• Integrate deliverables

Acini Venture Studio
All in One Solution

• Providing basic capital
• +80% of services needed
• Only one contract
• All follow-up integrated
• Cutting edge tools
• Recruiting resources

Faster way to scaling
AVS Journey
We can follow companies from concept, accelerator, Venture Studio to the Venture stage. We can do it alone or with partners.

Your benefit:
Continuity and a better journey.

7 Stages of Formation

1. Application
Do you have a great concept for creating a company, but need a partner for getting started?

2. Education (Internship)
We like to get to know you, and you us; and invite for a paid internship. Normally 3 months. 

3. Selection
When we know each other, we figure out the best way to collaborate. As consultant; as a part time expert, as a CEO of a joint company …. or not at all.

4. Acceleration
We are fast at creating concepts, refining ideas, pivoting and improving concepts. This is normally a rather intensive 3 month program.

5. Creation (of company)
If the concept, attitude and mindset seems like a good fit, we create a company jointly. Normally we have 80 % of the shares, and also pay your salary.

6. Collaboration
You come with your dedication and hard work; we build and pay for the team around. We do not dillete your 20 %. 

7. Operation
When the revenue allow for it, we adjust your salary to market rate. We continue to supply the team, but the company starts paying for it (if it can afford it, and after your salary). And we start building a company internal team. If we like working together, we will continue that way. 

We need to be transparent about this as well. If we can’t make it work within 36 months, we will normally close down the company, and retain all IP rights.

Feel free to reach out – Share your visions

AVS Program Tracks
Entrepreneurship Program
A combination of education, paid internship, and job rotation. We like to get to know you, and you us.
3 Months Accelerator Program
For some selected candidates, we have a 3 months program to design concept, do research and create team.
Permanent Partner Program
Some selected concepts make it to the level where we create a company together. We fund all other team members, marketing and scaling.
“When you hand good people possibility, they do great things.”
— Biz Stone – 
“Good management consists in showing average people how to do the work of superior people.”
— John Rockefeller – 

Acini Venture Studio

Experience the Difference