Our selection process sets a rather high standard of who we would like to work with,
and only a small percentage make it to co-found a new company with us.

Ventures we Prioritize
We may show flexibility, but these are key areas of focus
1. Software as a Service (SaaS) 
Software companies offering with license models focusing on specialized applications with a cutting edge. We look for software concept where we can achieve excellence in concepts, designs and execution.
2. Scaling services 
Manual services that can be supported and enabled through technology. It can HR, financial, consulting or visual advisory services. We look for opportunity to pursue economy of scale and digital streamlining.
3. Education 
Companies with focus in making education more accessible, preferably digitally enabled. It can be speed, quality or type of learning. There should be an edge to the concept and opportunity to protect advantages.
4. Design enabled concepts 
Product and visual design that heavily rely on artistic qualities and less on big inventory and investment costs. Product utilizing different type of designs such as 3D, augmented reality and graphics.

Concepts and Ventures matching our Expertise

The ventures we select are heavily focused on areas where we really can contribute to make them better

• Communication
• Marketing
• Remote work
• Cross – Border collaborations
• Market research
• Education

AVS offers a comprehensive package of skills, networks, partners, tools, competence and sustainability focus. If we cannot offer great value, you may want to look for other solutions.

Acini Venture Studio – Perfect choice for you?
We are open for companies and also advisors experiencing different situations and outlooks.
1. Great idea but
limited resources
You have spent considerable time with an idea, concept, problem or opportunity.

You are passionate about making it become reality but there are some gaps in ability to move forward such as capital, network, customers, team and skills how to take it further. AVS builds capacity.
2. Small company/team with insufficient growth

You and your team has spent considerable time in developing a product, technology and market but is not making the needed progress.

Lack of progress can be related to sales, marketing, capital and knowhow. You still want to make it but look for new solutions. AVS advances companies.

3. Great work

There are some people who are extraordinary valuable to their employer.

Many of these might be perfectly happy, but some might want to explore the possibility of more independence, or even co-funding
a new company.

4. You failed and your company is bankrupt
Yes, we do work to revitalize previously bankrupt companies.

Perhaps some left-overs from a previous company might be applied in another setting, or combined with another solution.
5. Strong skills/networks
but no company
You may have worked as a freelancer or consultant for several years.

Companies likes your advice, deliverables and collaborations. You may in the future be interested in being part of a start-up, but don’t know how, when and with whom. AVS look for this type of talent.
6. Advisor liking to
work with startups

You have considerable experience and have or would like to work with startups.

It can be in the capacity as a member of advisory board, in general board, as project lead, as mentor or as specialist. You would like to remain as an independent advisor
and be flexible.

While being selective we are open for several ways to get in dialogue and start an exploration process with potential candidates.

Selection criteria are:

– Focus on quality
– Commitment
– Skills
– Strength of conviction
– Track record
– Success potential

And, finally, actually being a likable person
with a mindset to make the world a better place.

While being selective we are open for several ways to get in dialogue and start an exploration process with potential candidates.

Selection criteria are:

-focus on quality
-strength of conviction
-track record
-success potential
-and, finally, actually being a likable
person with a mindset to make the world a better place.

We are committed to creating great custom work environments, whether being bold and creative or conservative. 
Organized for Flexibility
In AVS we have a selected staff of specialized resources. Running programs for company building. There are some job openings to joining AVS staff.

In MASTER WiZR we have 90 long term staff we connect as resources to companies

In WiZR X we have freelancers with skills relevant in IT, sales, marketing, design and business advisory services.

Most of our potential co-founders work with us for some time first. It might be 6 months, or a few years. We feel more comfortable with people we know for some time; and it is important for us that the co-founders feel comfortable with us.

The business world of tough negotiations, long lawyers’ bills, and high level of noise is not where we thrive. Our naïve approach of harmony, empathy, trust and collaboration works well for us.

Being positive minded can be a rocket fuel for motivation, co-creation, and dynamic, hard work. Conflicts are a killer of inspiration; and we REALLY try and avoid it.

Your Passion,
our Business System