Succeeding with a venture is like a video game with endless number of challenges, surprising turns and unpredictable patterns to advance. It is has some of the same thrill, to experiment, fail and learn. You seek reward by intense focus over time, to enjoy the process of progress, rather than end goal.

Let´s face the facts, most new companies fail.

Throughout the years, we have worked to increase the odds of survival by combining several inspirations and models. In short; creating a talent factory for entrepreneurial business creation. Behind this we found 5 obstacles, we wanted a new take on:

1. Lack of capital

Looking for capital is a normal way to get started, especially if you have a strong growth plan in mind and if you are dependent on co-creation with others. You need the ability to pay yourself, your closest team and all those get involved in the venture.

In AVS we don’t see capital as the limiting factor, but rather lack of available resources to the new start-up. We support entrepreneurs, inventors and the small core team financially. For the other solutions and resources required we have already prepared, integrated, quality vetted and put teams together to be useful for years to come.

2. Lack of network

Some entrepreneurs have large networks within the business line they start; yet for most, there is a need to expand it. The conventional way is to keep building the network of resources over time, where you spend time looking for, engaging, and collaborating potential partners.

In AVS, with a staff of over 100 we have identified the typical needs and prepared the team for the next years. Generally we manage to cover 80 % of the required expertise immediately. Frankly, it offers an almost unparalleled advantage to hit the ground running.

3. Lack of tools

The playing field is more open than ever. Most entrepreneurs don’t have a strong financial basis in the initially, nor a big partner as support. The tools for communicating, planning, presenting, connecting and advancing are more democratically distributed and available now than ever before. Which brings new opportunities for venture creation and company building.

AVS aim to either master or create some of the best software and management tools available and make them accessible. Through our sister company, MASTER WiZR, we master the tools of remote and decentralized work. Global teams are in our DNA, to take as full advantage of the tools, talent and tenacity of venture creation.

4. Lack of expertise

Feeling strong ownership to an idea, concept, solution or problem are often the core inspirations for venture creation. Knowing what it takes and mastering all type of business expertise provides many bottlenecks to optimize success. In many businesses it takes a strong social media effort, ability to do research, to create strong business documentation, document and present products to appeal for clients and partners. Communicate in a way to attract employees from other opportunities. IT and software tools for video conferencing and team collaboration. Sales and marketing expertise.

Through our Eco system AVS has created a system to reflect and simplify the complexity of expertise needed. The goal is to provide what you need, when you need it and with the biggest possible ease. Ultimately, we do this so the ventures we co-create, to allow co-founders to cultivate the core. Be best in selling, in focusing most of the attention to a few limited activities that only you can do best. Like an artist winning one of the big talent shows, there is a system around to market, provide venues and to shape the career. The person gets to focus on cultivating the talent and focusing on being unique in what their real passion.

5. Lack of path

Having the concept, idea, product or opportunity is a prerequisite for a new company.

– What comes after?
– Who to meet and when?
– What to develop and how to present?
– How to stand out?
– What makes you, or the company great?
– Which tipping points can drive a business to a new level?
– How to grow over time?
– Which decisions may lead you astray?

Network, expertise, tools and capital are all needed for progress. This direction may be dictated by the nature of the problem, and your venture needs solving it. AVS have senior strategists that not only may sit in advisory and management boards, but can closely follow and build the venture over time. Strategic direction and a plan forward is like the coach to a football team. The players, venues and capital are essentials, but the game plan matters. The ability to create one, stick to it, yet adapt it; separates the good from the great. We believe in following and developing ventures over time, very closely.

These 5 areas may define the range of expertise, available resources and paths as a strong foundation to optimize success. Yet, grit, focus, determination, a bit of good fortune and sustained work over long time are crucial inputs. We aim to be part of providing and supporting the environment for modern venture building.

It is not easy, but it is worth it, even for the journey itself.


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